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PUBG XBOX & PS4 Cross-Play Analytics

Daily console analytics from a random sampling of PUBG Lookup match reports.

Updates to console analytics coming soon

I decided to remove the console analytics (for now). Here's why.

There is a famous quote that goes "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.". Basically, statistics are tough to display meaningfully. They can be so easily misconstrued to fit the bias of the reader or the bias of whoever is presenting the data, AKA me. I've always tried to present data without bias which is why I had the huge disclaimer at the top of the page. This page originally spawned from the release of crossplay between XBOX and PS4. A lot has changed since then and I want to make sure I'm displaying relevant data and explaining where it all comes from so there's no room for confusion about what the numbers represent.

When bots were released for console it changed the way players in each match are calculated. My concern is that the old way that PUBG Lookup processed these numbers is now out of date and I need to revisit what's being processed and how it is being displayed. I've seen a number of posts about these analytics and I decided it was in PUBG Lookup and the general PUBG community's best interest for me to take these statistics down until I can rework and explain exactly how these numbers are getting processed.

I'll get these numbers updated and out to you soon!