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Here are some of the features that are available to registered users.

  • Player Dashboard : Get overview information about your past 20 - 50 matches.
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  • Recent Weapons Statistics : Weapons information and statistics from your last 30 matches.
  • Scoreboards : Live comparisons of up to 4 players for up to 10 matches.
  • Tournaments BETA : Easily manage tournaments with custom scoring, a public leaderboard, and team statistics.
  • Follow Other Players : Follow your squad mates or your favorite streamer for quick access to their stats and match reports.
  • Save Match Reports : Want to save a match for later? Keep all of your favorite match reports in one place longer than standard matches.

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It's free.

It doesn't cost you anything and it works on iOS, Android, Windows & Mac. You can save it to your home screen if you want to use it like a native app.

Do I have to register?

No! You can search for players any time. Some features aren't possible unless you log in, though.

Why would I create an account?

Fair question. If you create an account you have access to certain features that are only possible if you sign in. A few of them are adding friends, saving match reports, scoreboards, create tournaments, and your player season dashboard. Also, if your account is more than a week old, you can disable ads.

More PUBG stats than you can handle.

Here's a quick list of some of PUBG Lookup's features. Check out the features page for more.

Current Season Statistics

Stay on top of season stats for you and your squad. We pull statistics straight from the PUBG servers so you know you're looking at current information.

Recent Matches List

Get a preview of up to 30 of your most recent matches. Keep track of your stats while you're playing or watching your favorite streamer. Matches are updated as chicken dinners are delivered.

Detailed Match Reports

Statistics and details on specific matches help you refine your game. Damage hit region charts, damage caused and received details, and overall details help you pinpoint areas of your game to work on. Share your match with your friends to prove you won.

Match BOT player data

PUBG has introduced BOTS into matchmaking queues. You can view a lot of details about how AI players interacted in your game, how many you killed, what percentage of players are bots, and more. Read more about BOTS in PUBG here.

Weapons Statistics

Want to know where your bullets are going over multiple matches? Get information like damage per region, hits per region, kills per weapon, and more with graphs and a clean layout.

Lifetime Statistics

Not only can you get the current season's statistics but we compile all of your seasons together to give you metrics on your lifetime stats in PUBG. Compare your lifetime stats to your current season to see how you're improving.

Recent Match Statistics

Get general information about your last 5 - 30 matches. Stats like game mode spread, what weather you get most often, average damage dealt, win placement graph, average distance travelled, and more

Match Damage Details

Want to know what region you did the most damage to in a single match? Ever wondered exactly how much damage an exchange did to a player? Now you can see detailed views of your match damage.

Match Kill Trees

We take all of the match data to produce a visual "kill tree" to show you how many kills you got and how it is intertwined with the rest of the match. If you got the last kill, you'll be on top... eating chicken.

PUBG Tournaments

Do you want to organize a tournament to see who the best PUBG player in your community is? Take all of the hard work out of running a torunament with comprehensive tournament management.

Follow Players

Do you play with the same players often? Do you follow streamers on Twitch and want to know what they have been up to? You can follow other players to look at their season, match stats and recent matches.


Speaking of playing with your friends... you can set up a custom scoreboard that let's you compare up to 4 players in the last 1 - 5 matches. If you duo or squad with the same crew it's a great way to see who's carrying the group.

Mobile Friendly

Sometimes you don't have access to a desktop, laptop or tablet. That's no problem. PUBG Lookup is a responsive web app which means no matter what screen size you're using it will look great.

Desktop Friendly

If you're like me, you have a laptop next to you while you play. PUBG Lookup is a responsive web app. That means it's optimized for mobile devices, tablet devices and desktop sized screens.

XBOX, PS4, Stadia, & PC Stats

PUBG Lookup supports console and PC statistics. Stadia has recently been released and full support is coming soon. Want to follow your favorite PC streamer but still track your XBOX or PS4 stats? No problem. You can look up statistics for all players available through PUBG's API.

PUBG Tournament Management, PUBG Report Integration, Search Recent Opponents, Match Combat Timeline, Weekly Damage & Kill Chart, Download Match Statistics, Match Leaderboard & more.