BOTS have come to PUBG
AI players have been introduced to public matchmaking.

PUBG has introduced AI players to matchmaking.
BOTS are on all non-ranked queues on all platforms. Here is some information on how BOTS have been added to PUBG.

How have BOTS been implemented?

Artificial Intelligence players are now a part of public matchmaking queues. These AI characters will enter the battlegrounds, loot, shoot, grenade, and move throughout the map to mimic a real player. BOTS are generally easy beat in a fight and make poor decisions compared to (most) humans. It's likely that you'll run into BOTS in your public matches, especially if you're a new or returning player. The more you play, the fewer BOTS you'll see in your lobbies (read more about that below).

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Why do I see so many bots?

The developers of PUBG don't provide us with exact specifications about how bots are filled in lobbies. It can get complicated but we do know a number of key factors. Here are some reasons why you are seeing bots in your lobbies.

  • If you haven't played in a while, you'll see more bots.
    There isn't a public timetable available but it's in the range of "a month or two". It could also depend on if you've ever gotten a chicken dinner or haven't gotten a chicken dinner in a while. Basically... play more, fewer bots.
  • If you haven't WON more than a few matches, you'll see more bots.
    PUBG representatives have mentioned that wins are a factor in how many bots you'll see. It is not just restricted to the amount of matches you have played. Once you are playing, and winning, your bot count will likely decrease.
  • If your TEAMMATES haven't played in a while, you'll see more bots.
    That's right. If you play sqauds with teammates, your teammates "level" will matter when it comes to bots.
  • If you play with randoms you will probably see more bots.
    Everybody plays randoms which means you're more likely to be grouped with a new player. If you're paired with a new player, you guessed it, more bots.
  • If you play at unpopular times, you'll probably see more bots.
    PUBG needs a lot of players by nature. Each game theoretically needs 100 humans and players expect matches to start as soon as possible. In order for mostly humans to fill lobbies, you will have better luck during popular times in your region.
  • If you play less populated queues, you'll probably see more bots.
    It depends on what platform you're playing on and what region you're playing in. For example, the console community in the NA generally leans towards TPP queues. The PC community in NA generally leands toward FPP queues. If you play popular queues in your region and platform, you'll have a better chance at fewer bots.

How many bots should I expect to see?

If you've made it this far you know that the answer is "it depends". From what most players see, if you play the game fairly regularly you will rarely see a bot in game play. If you take into consideration all of the things above you'll come across a lot of matches that have less than 3% bots. The chances of you running into them is very low.

  • Most regular players see less than 5% of bots in their games.
  • Most new players or players who haven't won in a while will see 80% or more bots in their games.

Some key things to know about BOTS

  • BOTS are dumb (at the moment).
    There are varying levels of "skill" associated with BOTS. The vast majority are basically target practice and won't pose a threat. PUBG has stated that they are continuing to balance how BOTS react to players in game.
  • BOTS are related to MMR.
    What this likely means is that you'll encounter a lot of BOTS in your match until your MMR increases (AKA until you play more and get better). I believe their intention is to allow new players a chance to get some kills, increase their skill level, then start playing more human players over time.
  • BOTS are not in "Ranked Mode".
    Ranked mode consists of squad queues where you will not face any bots. Only human players. It's designed to be a competitive mode that allows users to climb a leaderboard and gain rank.
  • Percentages of BOTS in each game.
    Early after release players will see very large amounts of BOTS in game. Anywhere from 95% BOTS to 20% BOTS. The minimum BOTS that you'll see in a public game is 20%. PUBG has stated that they are working towards reducing the number of BOTS in each game. The problem is related to MMR and AI intelligence levels when the match is created. Read a post from the US console community coordinator.
    UPDATE: June 2021
    The minimum required amount of bots was previously set to 20%. This means that, no matter what, there were 20% or more BOTS in public lobbies. This requirement has been removed so it is possible to play with zero BOTS in public, non-ranked lobbies.

    The amount of time that you've played is a factor. If you're new to the game or you haven't played in a while, you'll likely see a very high number of bots in your lobbies. After playing for a while, those numbers will decrease.

    Bots are also more prevelent in regions with low player counts or during non-peak times (or both). Players that live in regions with healthy queues will (typically) have fewer BOTS in their matches.
  • How can you know if a player is a BOT in game?
    The short version is, you can't. The longer version is that nearly all BOT names have an underscore in them. Some examples of BOT names are lon_glong625, Khaba_r, TuD_oYan. They generally look like a "made up" name and just about 100% (seemingly) of BOT players have an underscore in their name. We know that PUBG is constnatly tweaking BOT interactions in the game so this could change at any time.
  • Can I search for a BOT's player stats?
    Yes and no. Season stats are not be available for AI characters. You can see a ton of information about AI players in your match by look at your PUBG Lookup match report. You can currently see: how many and what percentage of BOTS were in your match, rank in the leaderboard for BOTS, how many BOTS you killed, how many kills each BOT got. More features will be coming.
  • Do I HAVE to play against BOTS?
    In public match making you will play against bots... at least at the time of this writing. The minimum bot level is 20%. At that rate you likely won't interact with many bots if any at all. I hope that they'll reduce the minimum percentage down to zero at some point.
    UPDATE: June 2021
    In public matches, yes, but probably not at high percentages. You may rarely run into a BOT if you're in a relatively healthy queue. You don't HAVE to play against BOTS if you play in Ranked queues, so there is an option to not play against them at all. Most players will find that after they get a few matches under their belt, the percentages go down to levels where you don't notice BOTS much. You can always look up your match reports to see what kind of BOT interactions you had.
  • Do BOTS fight each other?
    Yes. AI characters will fight other AI characters in game. They will also die to the blue zone. They can be comically bad at gunfights with each other.

You can read a post from @andymhall, the console community coordinator for PUBG US, on the PUBG Forums. Read the post.

The head of PUBG US responded to questions about BOTS

Read our article about the responses from Brian Corrigan, Head of PUBG US, about the recent BOT implementation for console.

PUBG Lookup BOT data

Match reports provide detailed information on PUBG BOTS in your match including number of BOTS, percentage of BOTS, leaderboard rankings for BOTS, and the number of BOT kills you got in the match..

BOTS in your Match Report Leaderboards

BOTS are displayed with a robot icon and are colored orange to clearly display which players are AI. Currently, there is no way to access the damage a bot has done but we can display the number of kills bots got in game. You cannot view match reports for BOT players.

PUBG BOTS in Match Report Leaderboards

How many BOTS were in your game?

You can see detailed information about how many BOT players were in your game. With the introduction of cross play on console you can also see the number of players from different platforms. PUBG was recently released on Stadia as well. You will almost certainly see a high percentage of BOTS in your first games. As your MMR improves in the new season (Season 7) you should see fewer AI players in your match.

PUBG BOT player counts in matches

How many BOTS did you kill?

Along with other detailed kill stats you can see the number of BOTS that you killed out of your total kill count in your Player Kills panel. Your Total Kills represent all kills you had in the match and BOT Kills will display how many of those were AI players.

PUBG BOT kills per match.

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