League Rules & Scoring

Here you'll find the rules for joining the PUBG Lookup League, how scoring works, and other details.

A PUBG Leaderboard System

The PUBG Lookup League (PLL) leaderboards are based on public matches for multiple game modes. Your best 30 matches with the most points earned count towards your season total points. Your rank is dictated by your points earned. Climb a leaderboard against other players. All scores are compiled from public matches, there are no moderators and there are no referees.

How do I join the leaderboards?

Join the leaderboards by registering and then adding your profile to the league. You can register here for free. Space is limited on all leaderboards and registration closes soon after the leaderboards begin.

You Have To Opt-In

All players have to opt-in for each new season. If you miss registration you can join the next season.

All matches are public

Matches are calculated from public, non-custom matches. They are not moderated, there are no referees, there are not spectators.

Your best matches count

Your best matches played through the season will count towards the leaderboard. Typically this is 30 matches but it can be different per leaderboard. Your profile is frequently scanned for new matches played. When scanned and there are new matches available they will be calculated for points and assigned to your leaderboard profile.

Bots do not count

Bot kills do not count towards your season rankings. The way bots are distributed depends on a lot of different factors. you can read about them here.

High percentage bot games are penalized

In order to level the playing field against overly adventageous conditions, a points reduction system has been implemented for high-bot-percentage matches. Placement points are reduced based on the percentage of bots in the match being processed. Kill points are not affected. This is not aimed to punish players in high-bot rounds. It is meant to prevent bot farming for rank points and to more accurately represent player vs player rankings.

Leaderboards update frequently

Leaderboards are not real-time. Matches played are scanned periodically and typically update every 30 - 45 minutes. This processing could change and the frequency of the updates may change in the future.

Limited leaderboard space

Each leaderboard is limited to a certain amount of players. Processing a leaderboard takes a significant amount of server resources and requests to the PUBG API. First come, first serve.


Cheeting is obviously not allowed.
With that said it's incredibly hard to prove if a player is cheating or not. PUBG Lookup reserves the right to remove any player from a leaderboard for any reason. Have fun, don't cheat.

Your league points dictate your ranking and are calculated using match data for kills and win rank. Every match calculated is assigned points based on these rules. Your top 30 match points are added to calculate your season final score and ranking.

Earning Points

You can earn points for player kills (no bots) and for placement in each match.

  • Points Per Player Kill : 1 point
    Bot kills do not count towards your points.
  • Win placement points :
    • 1st place : 10 points
    • 2nd place : 7 points
    • 3rd place : 6 points
    • 4th place : 4 points
    • 5th place : 3 points
    • 6th place : 2 points
    • 7th place : 2 point
    • 8th place : 1 point
    • 9th place : 1 point
    • 10th place : 1 point
    • 11th place + : 0 points

Season 02 Update

Placement Points Reduction

In order to balance placement points for adventageous win conditions, these adjustments are made to placement points.

  • 80% - 90% bots in the match - Reduce placement points by 50%
  • 90% or more bots in the match - Reduce placement points by 66%
  • Map is Haven - Reduce placement points by 50%

Bot percentage reductions are calculated first, map reductions are calculated second.

In the case of a tie the player with the most kills will be ranked higher.

Example scoring scenarios

Example Match : Erangel, 5th place, 7 player kills, 5% bots : 10 points

Example Match : Miramar, 20th place, 2 player kills, 5% bots : 2 points

Example Match : Haven, 1st place, 5 player kills, 20% bots : (5 + 5) = 10 points
Received Haven reduction

Example Match : Sanhok, 2nd place, 4 player kills, 85% bots : (3.5 + 4) = 7.5 -> 8 points
Received bot percentage reduction, points round up

Example Match : Erangel, 1st place, 1 player kill, 93% bots : (3 + 1) = 4 points
Received bot percentage reduction

Example Match : Haven, 1st place, 1 player kill, 93% bots : (1.5 + 1) = 2.5 -> 3 points
Received bot percentage reduction AND Haven reduction