Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the PUBG Player Stats come from?

PUBG Player stats come from the official PUBG Developer API. Most player stats are calculated by PUBG. PUBG Lookup uses that data to calculate additional stats for your season, lifetime stats, matches, etc.

PUBG Match report data comes from official match telemetry files. These files are provided through the PUBG API and represent a large amount of data about each player and the match overall. PUBG Lookup processes these telemetry files, calculates different pieces of information and displays it to you.

XBOX Players

PUBG Lookup stats compared to XBOX PUBG Stats : For xbox console players, you'll almost certainly notice a difference between PUBG Lookup lifetime stats and the XBOX PUBG stats. This is due to a difference in how PUBG officially records/calculates matches and how XBOX records/calculates matches. I will provide more information on this as soon as possible.

How do I search for a PUBG Player?

To search for a PUBG Player you need to know what platform the player is on, exactly how to spell their in game name.

  1. Go to the PUBG Lookup search page.
  2. Select the player's platform and region.
  3. Enter the player's IGN exactly as it is spelled and formatted ing-game.

Important : You have to type the player's name exactly as it appears in game. Capitalization, numbers, dashes, underscores... all of it.

I get an error when I search for my player profile.

If you get an error when searching for your profile it could mean that your profile already exists in a different region. If that is the case, the search error notice will let you know about the other account.

If you area looking for your player and you are not getting any results it's almost always a case of not typing in the player name exactly right. Double check your spelling, capitalization, numbers, unerscores and everything to make sure you're entering the player name exactly right.

If you still can't find your player profile, please send an email to

How long does it take for matches to show up?

After the match is complete, PUBG will process the match on their servers and then make that match and the match data available via the official API. Match data becomes available about 2 - 10 minutes after the match ends. Matches average about 21 - 33 minutes. That means that if you drop in and get killed in the first 5 minutes, you'll need to wait about 25 - 30 minutes for the match to show up. If you get the chicken dinner then the match should show up about 2 - 10 minutes after the win.

As a general rule of thumb, matches show up about 35 minutes after the start of the match.

What does "Ping Quality" mean in a match report?

The variable for "Ping Quality" is provided by the PUBG API and it is associated with the match overall, not an individual player's connection. There are two options for this variable. "Low Quality" and "High Quality". If you have a Ping Quality value of Low Quality it means that the overall match had an evaluated ping quality of "low". I do not know how PUBG calculates this value or what determines high vs low.

In general, solo matches are more likely to have a "high quality" ping. Matches that involve teams and more complex matchmaking, therefore more variants in player connection speeds, are more likely to have a "low quality" ping. (This is just an observation.)

I can't find a match that I just played.

Matches generally take anywhere from 2 - 10 minutes to process on PUBG's servers. Usually you just need to wait a few minutes for the match data to be made available through the API.

Another possibility is that you have selected the wrong player account. Double check that you are linked with the correct PUBG account.

Missing Mathes Notice : There is an isse with the PUBG client that occassionally causes your match to not be tracked by PUBG. Because of this, the PUBG API does not have access to your match meaning PUBG Lookup will not have access to the match. The PUBG team is aware of the issue.

Can I link my account to more than one profile?


You can go to your account settings to add multiple profiles to your account. You can swap profiles by clicking/tapping "Activate" next to the profile you'd like to set your account to.

I am running a PUBG tournament. Can you help?

Yes! You can create and manage community run tournaments through your PUBG Lookup account. Go to to learn more.

Tournament Management is a new feature that allows you to run a complete tournament on console and PC. By setting the Tournament Tracker Profile you can monitor matches played by that profile and easily add those matches to your tournament for score processing. Tournaments are scored based on points per kill and points for placement. You control all of the scoring options. After you've created your tournament you can easily add teams and players. There is a public registration option that you can select when creating the tournament. Once your roster is filled up you can start processing matches. Let your audience or tournament players follow along through a public leaderboard.

Export match data as a csv file that you can import into spreadsheets directly from any player's match report. Use this data to calculate your own tournament based on your own specific settings. Each match report includes leaderboard statistics for all players in that match.

How long are match reports available?

By default, match reports are available for about 2 weeks. That's how long the match data is available to PUBG Lookup via the official PUBG API. If you would like to save your match data for a longer period you can save a match to your favorites from the Match Report screen.

How many people work on PUBG Lookup?

One person. Hi! I made this application for myself because I wanted to get more detailed stats on each match and I wanted to automatically log into my account every time. It grew and I eventually decided to make it available to the public. PUBG Lookup launched July, 2018.

Does PUBG Lookup use advertising for revenue?

Yes. In early January 2019 advertising was enabled. If you would like to support this site and help to pay for development costs and server fees you can disable ads for your account at

How does PUBG Lookup use donations?

Donations are used the same way as advertising revenue. It goes towards paying for development costs, future design costs, and server fees. Donations are securely processed through Stripe.