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PUBG Season Statistics

Stay on top of your current and past PUBG season statistics. We pull statistics straight from the PUBG servers so you know you're looking at current information.

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Season Overview

The season overview tab gives you a bird's eye look at how your season in PUBG is going.

K/D and Average Damage per Match

Get your kill to death ratio as well as average damage dealt per match..

PUBG Lookup Season Overivew

Recent Matches for Game Modes

Check out the last 20 matches for a specific game mode. Get a quick glance at your matches or dive down for more detail.

PUBG Lookup Combat Stats
PUBG Lookup Season Overview
PUBG Lookup Recent Match List

Recent Match Lists & Previews

Get a match preview or list view of your most recent matches. Click in to see the match report. Keep track of your stats while you're playing or watching your favorite streamer.

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Match previews

You can view all of your recent matches in a list view or a preview. When in preview mode you'll see many more details about the match so that you can find just the right one.

PUBG Lookup Recent Match List

Compact recent matches

For a much smaller, less detailed view you can select the list mode. When in list mode you can see all of your recent matches in a compact table that lets you scan matches faster.

PUBG Lookup Recent Match List

Detailed Match Reports

Statistics and details on specific matches help you refine your game. Damage hit region charts, damage caused and received details, and overall details help you pinpoint areas of your game to work on. Share your match with your friends to prove you won.

View a Match Report

Match Overview

Get a bird's-eye-view look at how you or your friend (or your enemy) did during that match. All the basics.

PUBG Lookup Match Overview

Hit Region Graphs

Ever wonder where your bullets go? Now you can find out. Quickly see just how much damage went to which hit region for the whole match.

PUBG Lookup Hit Region Graph

Damage Details Timeline

When you need to know exactly how much damage you did to a specific player. Get a list of all combat interactions you had in the match. Find out just how much damage you did per bullet. You can also see damage done to you.

PUBG Lookup Damage Details List
PUBG Lookup Match Report Overview

PUBG Lookup Weapons Statistics

Recent Weapon Stats

Get statistics on where your shots are going, how much damage they're doing, and what weapons are the most effective for the last 10 matches.

Damage done per weapon

All of the weapons you used in the last 10 games are totalled and graphed to show you what weapons you are doing the most damage with.

Kills per weapon

We graph all of the kills you had in the last 10 matches to show you which weapon is getting the job done.

Lifetime PUBG Stats

Want to know how well you've done since you started playing? Here's your breakdown. Just like your season overview you'll get a lifetime game mode overview of your whole dinner career.

Combat Statistics

Your career combat statistics compared with the current season can tell you a lot and give you good insite about how you're improving.

PUBG Lookup Combat Stats

Survival Skills

It's one thing to get a high kill count, it's another to keep yourself in the game. Get details about heals, boosts and travel distances here.

PUBG Lookup Combat Stats
PUBG Stats - Player Lifetime Desktop

PUBG Lookup Recent Matches

Recent Matches Overview

Get helpful information on your previous PUBG matches. We compile details from previous matches to give you insight about how you've been playing.

Match Averages

Using information from some of your last matches we can give you averages to give you more of a sense of how you play each game over time.

PUBG Lookup Recent Averages

Recent Match Graphs

How many times have you thought "I only play Miramar..." or "Is there even more than one map?". Now you can know for sure.

PUBG Lookup Map and Game Mode Graphs Distance traveled in game info

PUBG Report Integration

Have you ever used PUBG Report? It's incredible. PUBG Report lets you view matches where you were killed by or killed somebody streaming. It's a cool way to see reactions of other players and how many people were watching when you fought it out!

Your PUBG Report Match List

From your Player Dashboard you can access all matches available from PUBG Report. Get the full list of matches that have streamer interaction directly from your PUBG Lookup account.

PUBG Lookup Match Report Integration

Every match report automatically checks PUBG Report to see if that match has any streamer videos available. You'll be able to see in-depth match stats and then view the stored VODs to see all of the salty streamers.

PUBG Report Dashboard Search PUBG Report in PUBG Lookup Match Report

Dark Mode Has Arrived

It's everywhere. It's here, too. Dark mode is easier on the eyes when you're playing in a dark room. The entire interface was updated to allow for a dark background with light text. It doesn't look hald bad either. Switch between themes in your accont settings or using the theme quick toggle.

Easy Toggle Between Themes

You can toggle between themes in your primary navigation. On tap/click and the entire interface changes from a light background with dark text to a dark background with light text.

PUBG Report Dashboard Search
PUBG Report Dashboard Search
PUBG Report Dashboard Search
PUBG Report Dashboard Search

Follow Your Squad

Keep track of your squad and favorite PUBG players. Easily star players to look up their stats, see their recent matches or casually rage-compare your recent stats.

PUBG Lookup Following

Save Your Favorite Matches

Now you can save that double-digit-dinner you were telling your squad about. Mark any match report as a favorite to save the match details and have it quickly available in the nav.

PUBG Lookup Favorites

Match Kill Trees

Want to get a visual of your kills in a match? No problem. Every match comes with a visuall kill tree breakdown so you can see how each kill changed the outcome of the game.

chocoTaco Kill Tree

Export Match Data

Are you a tournament organizer or just a number cruncher? You can export match data to a spreadsheet from any match report. Easily get the full breakdown of the match in a CSV file so you can do the math.

CSV Spreadsheet screenshot