Weapon Mastery statistics now available

Thursday, September 26th 2019

Weapons mastery data is now available!

View Weapons Mastery in your account

The PUBG API team has recently released weapons mastery for PC players. Console players are currently unofficially supported but the data is available although they've stated there could be bugs and unexpected results until it's officially supported.

You'll find a new link in your primary navigation for Weapons Mastery. This is currently available for registered users but will soon be available for all players. Weapons mastery displays a list of all weapons that your player profile currently has stats for. Click on a weapon to see more details including kill count, most kills in a game, total damage delivered, XP for that weapon, and more. Weapon mastery medals will be available in the UI soon.

I look forward to getting feedback about this new UI layout. It's a bit of a departure from the normal PUBG Lookup interface so hopefully it works out for everyone.

Cheers everybody! Be good out there.