A new update has been released

Friday, November 30th 2018

Hello everyone!

For those of you that have been following along, it's been a wild ride today. At this point I have a version of the code that has been relatively lightly tested (by yours truly) and should hopefully only change one aspect of the user experience. If you navigate to a new xbox profile you'll be given the option to set the region for that profile's season. The new API updates from PUBG allow the "recent matches" page to display all recent matches regardless of region (as I understand it).

PUBG is working on a new region selection process that would automatically choose the region for your match based on your network / ping. This is a good thing. In theory it means you'll be more likely placed with players of similar ping and it also means that your "recent matches" page will list all matches regardless of region selection. This is a positive move.

The new update does not yet apply to season statistics or lifetime statistics for XBOX players. Both of those still need to be associated with a region. In order to view a "new" xbox profile's season data you'll have to select the region for that profile.

If you search for a player your search selection will define the region. If you click on a player from a match leaderboard, you'll be presented with a new screen that allows you to set the region for that profile.

As always, please report any bugs as you see them. I'm available on twitter, at the bug reporting page, and by email at support@pubglookup.com