Profile URLs and player search updates

Tuesday, January 22nd 2019

This announcement is to let you know that I'll be sending out an update today that will address some underlying technical issues related to player names and player search. This update will require an update to the URLs that are used for player seasons, player recent match stats, and player match reports.

New Player URLs

New player URLs will include the profile platform. For example will now look like If you have bookmarked a page with a player name in it, that link will need to be updated. I have set the URLs to be backwards compatible but that will be phased out within a month or so.

Player Search Updates

This update allows PUBG Lookup to support more players. When I launched PUBG Lookup it was primarily a small stats site that focused on XBOX players. Since then, PUBG launched on the PlayStation Network and we've moved much more heavily into PC players. This caused problems with the way I originally programmed the site to store player profiles. It's my fault. Essentially, if you had the exact same player name on PS4 as you do on XBOX you could only see one profile. They were treated as the same player. With this update profiles will be saved based on their profile name and their platform. This allows players with the same name to still use the site and see the correct stats. It should also prevent issues that some users were seeing when they searched for their name and received an error due to duplicate entries.

As with any technical update, there is the chance for some bugs to pop up. Please, please, please let me know if you see anything acting weird or if you get any 404 pages that you shouldn't be getting. It's a 1 man show over here so any help in the testing department is very much appreciated!

Cheers and be good to one another.