Beta features and more

Saturday, January 12th 2019

There have been a ton of updates getting released over the last week or so. User interface updates, beta features and some content updates made the list this time around.

Beta features

There are two new features that are available as a Beta release that I'm really excited about. One is a feature that I've wanted for a while and another is a widely requested feature.

Saving kill tree images

Now, at the top of your kill tree panel, you can click the "download kill tree" button to download a PNG image of your kill tree. Share it with friends, post it on your twitter, save it for the sweet memories. Your choice.

Favorite match reports

Many people have asked for this one. You can now mark a match as a favorite. There are two major benefits to saving match reporst to your favorites. 1. You can get quick access to them by clicking on the favorites in the navigation and 2. Favorited match reports are available for longer than normal match reports. Typical match reports are available for 2 weeks after the match. Favorited match reports are available for... Longer. It's a Beta feature and that's part of what I'm working out. Likely 4 - 5 months but we'll see.

General updates

  • Added F.A.Q. section
  • Added a contact page
  • Added totals to recent matches statistics
  • Map images in match previews
  • Match leaderboard UI Updates
  • Navigation UI Updates
  • Failed search results UI updates
  • Damage timeline UI updates