Updated Match Report UI

Wednesday, January 9th 2019

Parts of the user interface in match reports have been updated. This is to hopefully make things more clear and easier to scan. I also wanted to make it easier to jump to your teammates stats and match reports.

Updated team overview

The team overview got a bit of a style overhaul. Team members will now be listed in descending order by kills and you can now see the team's total damage in the top right corner of the panel. You can also quickly get access to your teammate's season statistics and current match report.

Added headshot accuracty and damage to damage details

In the Accuracy tab in the "Player Damage Details" panel you can now see how many of your shots were headshots. This is different from headshot kills. You'll see what percentage of shots were headshots as well as the total damage done by headshots alone.

Updating player damage timeline UI

The timeline was pretty hard to understand at a quick glance. I've updated the UI to hopefully make it a bit easier to scan. This includes background colors for different types of events and updated copy.

That's all for now. Some larger features are in the works.

Cheers all!