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PUBG is making updates

Posted : 4 years ago

The PUBG API team is making some updates to how the API is accessed for PC players. They're also updating (only for PC) some specific details and stats. You can read more about that here. The vast majority of users on PUBG Lookup are XBOX players so it shouldn't change anything, yet. I have gotten a few bug reports about matches not showing up and stats not updating. Unfortunately I don't control that aspect of things. This announcement is just to let you know that there might be intermittent issues with matches and...

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Updates and announcements added

Posted : 5 years ago

You'll notice a new "bell" button in the secondary nav. (Right side of the nav for desktop users, bottom of the screen for tablet and mobile users). I'll post new features, updates and improvements in this format so that those interested can know what the latest updates are. As always, you can contact me via Twitter @pubglookup, email, or in the in-app bug report. Cheers and good luck on your hunt for dinner!

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